City of stones

Nairobi is an African city located in the southwestern province of Kenya. Nairobi literally means “the city of stones”. Due to its many possibilities, Nairobi attracts millions of visitors from across the world each year. Nairobi was previously a trading post in ancient times and was known for its large sand dunes. Today it is a cosmopolitan city that offers many things for tourists and visitors to enjoy their visit to the city.

The major attractions in Nairobi are Mosi-oa-Teperi National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Nairobi National Museum. At the airport in Nairobi, there are many international flights to Nairobi every day and you can catch a taxi anywhere in town to reach your hotel or resort. Once you reach Nairobi, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful scenery.

public transport

You can travel to downtown Nairobi by taking any of the public transportation services available. From central town, you can take a taxi to Nairobi’s central business district and from there, you can travel to all parts of this city. From there, you can travel to all major hotels and resorts in downtown Nairobi. Most taxis in Nairobi are metered so you won’t have to worry about paying more than the actual fixed rate for a taxi.

There are many taxi services available to pick you up from Nairobi airport. A short taxi ride will usually take up to 40 minutes depending on the time of day and the price will be around 40 (5,500-KES) for a single trip. Alternatively, you can also take the public transport like buses, minibuses, or taxis. The bus fares from the airport to the city center can be expensive but are often well worth it.

Buses in the city center are quite inexpensive and reliable. If you book online, you can easily budget your taxi ride based on the number of kilometers you intend to cover. There are a number of tour companies in town to provide you with a car and driver to transport you to your hotel. This may be more economical than hiring a taxi from the airport, especially if you want to go out of the city. However, there are a number of advantages to driving your own car to reach the hotel.

The main advantage to driving your own vehicle to the city center is that you can plan your trip to avoid the popular tourist attractions. You can choose to bypass the central business district, which is a good idea for those taking public transport. The easiest way to reach the center from Nairobi airport is to use your own car. Taking the taxi would mean having to wait at bus stops along the way and this can be very tedious. You may want to have a relaxed time while in the city so that you can enjoy all that this city has to offer.

Ways to reach Nairobi

The majority of visitors prefer to rent a vehicle to be able to arrive at the city center. Car rental services are available from any company that you choose. Most major car hire companies like Avis, Hertz, Europcar, and Budget have car rental offices in the city center. These companies can provide you with a car on arrival or take you to your hotel upon request. The car hire service provided by these companies will help you avoid standing in long queues waiting to hire a vehicle.

One of the most popular ways to reach Nairobi from the city center is through the bus service known as Mombasa Bus. These buses run throughout the metropolitan area. Buses connect all major areas such as Nairobi City Centre, Kenilworth, Mombasa City Centre, Garifuna Town, Kisumu, Silom, and Norong.

The fastest mode of transport around is the taxi. Many foreigners rent taxis at their hotels before arriving in Nairobi. There are various taxi companies operating in the city. When traveling in the city, it is best to book a taxi from the airport prior to arriving at the terminal. Booking a taxi at the airport can be time consuming and expensive.

If you are arriving from the airport, one of the simplest ways to reach the city center is using the freight services known as Mombasa airways Boeing. These airways operate between the Mombasa airport and the city. Boeing services can pick up passengers from the airport and take them to Nairobi. The cost of the service is fixed prior to booking, and it is comparatively cheaper than traveling from the airport.