Mombasa is a tropical town located on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenia. The town is sometimes referred to as the blue and white city in Kenya. It is currently the second-most populous city, with an estimated population of more than 1, 208,000 people according to the latest turnout and population count. This is a quiet, peaceful city that offers a relaxed and exciting lifestyle with all the modern amenities you would expect from a modern metropolis.

With a combination of ancient and modern amenities, Mombassa hotels are ideal for family fun or business travel. The town is served by the main International Airport and the commercial airport in Nairobi. With its long coastline and many diving spots, Mombassa has long been a favorite vacation spot for travelers. Tourism is one of the country’s biggest industries, contributing over a million dollars a year to the GDP. Mombasa’s popularity has led to an upsurge in hotel construction, causing prices to drop to some of the lowest rates in the world.

Luxery and budget hotels

If you are planning your vacation, Mombasa hotels offer some of the best deals in Africa. Since it is a popular tourist destination, you’ll find many hotel options in Mombasa ranging from luxury beach hotels to budget motels. In Mombasa, you will find many hotels for every budget, from the very high-end relaxed and exciting lifestyle with all the modern amenities. motels. Some of the most popular hotels in Mombasa include the Leela Mombasa Beach Resort, Swarra Beach Resort, and the Marriott Hotel. The best time to visit Mombassa is from October to March.

Kenya is made up of two islands: Malindi and Lamuang. Malindi is on the east coast of the Indian Ocean and Lamuang is to the north. Although technically part of Zanzibar archipelago Malindi was always part of Kenya and was known as Bambuhu, the name by which the town was known in old Nairobi. Today, Malindi is the more populated and commercialized town, and Lamuang is still a quiet, backwater town. Both islands have beautiful beaches and a rich natural landscape.

Mombasa has a lush landscape with large fields of cocoa and coffee trees. The coastline of Mombasa is completely surrounded by saltwater bushes that supply marine life with food and oxygen. This environment creates a unique environment for scuba divers, who can explore the wrecks and reefs in the area. Scuba diving is one of the reasons Mombasa is such a popular travel destination, but the other aspect of this coastal town is its great wildlife.

For a unique shopping experience in Mombassa, tourists can go to the Emayani Center where they can find great bargains and sale items. This shop also sells a wide variety of second-hand articles such as jewelry, antiques, clothing, books, souvenirs, and much more. Other local shopping sites include the Mombasa International Market and the Spirit Gate. Other places of interest in Mombasa include the Bomas and the Botswana Airways, both of which offer discounted flights to New Zealand.

The best time to visit Mombasa

The best time to visit Mombasa is from April to October during the dry season, from June to September during the wet season. The hotels in Mombasa vary from expensive luxury resorts to budget hotels. One thing that all hotels have in common is the luxurious atmosphere and welcoming ambience. Hotels range from high-rise hotels to lodges, serviced apartments, and self-contained villas. There are many choices for accommodation including expatriate residences, guest houses, and hotels, as well as hotels, motels, and dorms that are suitable for families and couples.

Some of the most popular hotels in Mombasa are the Holiday Inn Express, Grand Hyatt Kenya, Serena Lounges Residence, and Safari Park Lodge. The best time to visit Mombasa for holiday makers is between December and March. The hotels in Mombasa also offer special packages for business travelers. These include business flight arrangements, car hire services, and airport shuttle services. Tourists can check in at one of the Mombasa hotels and then catch a taxi to get down to the old town.