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If you’re looking for a great outdoor adventure, Kenya may be perfect for your next trip. Located between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, this coastal country is a favorite among people seeking a truly African experience. The country has some of the most impressive landscapes in Africa where a varied wildlife can be found during an organized safari tour. The combination of rich flora and fauna and astonishing natural beauty is easily captured on organized safari tours. It is home to some famous tourist spots and beautiful sights that attract thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. 

When it comes to safaris, there are many places to visit and enjoy. Popular locations for game viewing in Kenya include Serengeti National Park, Maasai Mara, Swahili Highlands and Mt. Kenya. Some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities are in the Serengeti National Park, Maasai Mara, Swahili Highlands and Mt. Kenya.

In the Serengeti National Park you can witness huge herds of wildebeest roaming the landscape. You can stay in a tent camp and prepare your own meals. Safaris in the Serengeti allow you to see animals up close and personal.

Kenia safari tour

When planning a safari, there are several options to choose from, including car rentals, camping sites, lodges, excursions to local areas, and the traditional Masai Mara. Car hire in Kenia is extremely popular and there are several good car rental companies in the country. If you want to travel to the more remote areas of Masai Mara, you may need to take an organized tour that will lead you to the most attractive camps in the region. There are a variety of things to see and do while on vacation in this part of Africa and it is worth putting together an itinerary that includes a visit to some of the more remote camps.

So if you’ve never been on a safari, Kenya just might be the place for you. It is a wonderfully diverse country with landscapes ranging from the spectacular Sibiloi National Park in the north to Lake Nakuru in the east and Tsavo National Park in the south. There are many local markets where you can buy native and other handicrafts. And of course there is always the outdoors and the Masai Mara to discover!

Kenyan district of Kajiado

Amboseli is a town not far from Serengeti, on the edge of the Kenyan district of Kajiado. You’ll find lodges typical of Kenya with hot baths, modern toilets and private bathrooms (if you prefer), as well as lodges that are more rustic and offer private rooms and hot baths. Amboseli is known for its wildlife and if you enjoy hiking, Amboseli National Reserve has many beautiful trails. Amboseli is home to many birds and reptiles, including many of the rarer species in the world.

If you are traveling to an exotic location where there is no hotel, you can always try a private transfer. The price for this service is about the same as a taxi and the services are usually available half an hour before and half an hour after your flight lands. You can enjoy all the exotic locations you have been wanting to visit while being safe and secure. It is important not to get carried away by the desire to see all of those places while planning your trip because getting cabs can sometimes be expensive. This service will help you to enjoy the trip without the stress and you will still arrive to your desired destination in one piece. Because prices of car rentals tend to go down during off-peak seasons.


A popular coastal destination is the city of Mombasa, one of the most historic cities in Kenya. Mombasa was one of the original ports on the coast of the Indian Ocean in Africa. This particular region is known for its beaches and scenic tours are available to take you on a tour of the coastline. One of the best things about taking a beach tour is the flexibility it offers you. You can decide how long you want the tour and if you have the budget you can take as much time as you want to soak up the sun on the beach and explore the nearby marine life and coral reefs.

Mombasa is known for its extensive coastline and for the large cruise ships that bring many tourists ashore. Mombasa is a great place for tourists of all kinds, especially those who want to visit historic cities and those who want to experience Kenya’s natural beauty. Another important port in Kenya is Port Louis in the Indian Ocean, about sixty kilometers from Mombasa here you will also find beautiful beaches and hotels with a beautiful view over the Indian Ocean.

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